Những hồ sen đẹp nhất Việt Nam

Lotus grows under dirty muddy but not contamination. Not only does contamination that sen also converted the surrounding circumstances; where would shower then makes the Lake grows where it further in. In Confucianism, the Warrior is for members with Onyx in the mud without destructive;also in Bangladeshi Buddhist austerities are for with clean hearts not by sen contaminated dust ceiling, again likely inspired others.

hinh anh hoa sen bieu tuong cua tam hon

Huong sen does not sharply, not concentration which made soothing fragrant, giving people enjoy the flowers always towards a noble spirit. Since the flowers until the remnants, the bees and butterflies don't dare come near-different flowers bearing pendulous Butterfly wrap. This is also similar to the virtue of austerities. Went on shore to see lotus flowers sprung hatches, cool shower, incenses pure spread throughout space, people always feel elegant and pleasant. Summer's coming, don't forget to visit the dam sen to enjoy the beauty of this particular species.

Dam sen Tay HO
Scattered in Hanoi, there are many villages and planted Lotus, but the largest dam sen are focused around the West Lake area. West Lakes when ancient ever known with the vast dam sen as intermittent, intermittent, ... to present an area of planted shower has been shrinking gradually.Between the noise of a crowded city, dam sen Tay HO is a mild, green highlight of Hanoi travel each summer.

hinh anh ho sen o ho tinh tam hue

The best time to walk the West dam sen Lake is before afternoon or cool, cool off at aroma, pure sen spread throughout space. Between the green leaves background such as jade, the Lotus flower which fill hundreds of blisters that appear blue.
The people of Hanoi harvested flowers from 5 a.m. to keep the integrity of raw purity of heaven. A few showers remaining flowers for sale mainly refers to marinated Lotus tea, a type celebrated specialties of Hanoi.

hinh anh ho sen ho tinh tam

For a layer with a layer of marinated Lotus pistil back tea. D. thousands of new flowers are marinated 1 weigh the tea To the West Lake, sen. we not only admire the beauty of poetic dam sen, take beautiful pictures collection wings pink Lotus, but also can buy tea marinated Lotus land famous Hanoi on making presents for loved ones.



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